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As Milwaukee County Begins To Reopen, Officials Want You To Remember Coronavirus Hasn't Disappeared

Suburban communities in Milwaukee County are reopening Friday. That means all businesses can open their doors. But the city of Milwaukee continues to keep nonessential businesses closed.

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If you’re belly-aching about the costs of new cars you obviously haven’t driven a Hyundai Venue.

This all new crossover from Hyundai is as good as it gets for entry-level vehicles, the kind recent college grads and others just working their way into our economy can afford. But this is not a cheap econobox, a base car that you’d feel embarrassed to drive. No way!

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A month ago, WUWM broke news that 53215 — a predominantly Latino ZIP code on Milwaukee's south side — was experiencing a disproportionately high number of positive coronavirus cases compared to the city's overall population.

At that time, although the numbers were rising, Hispanics comprised around 17% of the city's 2,055 cases. Since then, the numbers have changed dramatically.

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Medical error is the third leading cause of death in America, with more than 200,000 people dying unnecessarily each year. And the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted both patient and caregiver safety.


When the Democratic National Convention (DNC) first announced it would be coming to Milwaukee, there was a lot of hope for what it would bring to the city. Now, the future of the convention is unclear.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made large gatherings risky. And while the Democratic National Committee has pushed the date of the convention to August, it seems almost certain that we’ll still be dealing with this pandemic in some form.

Dr. Anthony Fauci expressed "cautious optimism" Friday about the initial results from a coronavirus vaccine trial — which were widely celebrated this week — and said it remains "conceivable" that a vaccine for the deadly pathogen could be available by the end of the year.

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Among this spring's graduates are about 300 students from the Milwaukee-area campus of the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW). Many will take part in a virtual commencement ceremony on Friday afternoon.

Since they're moving ahead with their medical careers during the coronavirus pandemic, we thought we'd hear what the young health care providers they have to say about that and get some advice for them from longtime physicians.

After April's Election Difficulties, Would A Vote-At-Home System Make More Sense For Wisconsin?

May 22, 2020
Chuck Quirmbach

Wisconsin’s April primary was problematic by any standard.

Voters in some locations stood in line for hours in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, thousands of absentee ballots either weren’t sent out or ended up lost in the mail and others were returned too late to be counted. 

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Gov. Tony Evers continues to dole out the $2 billion the federal government gave Wisconsin to cope with the coronavirus pandemic. On Thursday, Evers announced he would allocate $100 million to long-term care facilities, home and community-based services, and emergency medical services.

Evers says he recognizes the burden the response to COVID-19 has placed on such health care workers.

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Updated at 4:40 p.m. CT

Business owners, candidates for office, a pastor and one of the organizers of last month's “reopen Wisconsin” protest at the Wisconsin Capitol have filed a federal lawsuit alleging that local stay-at-home orders are unconstitutional.

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Since the coronavirus outbreak began, sales of new cars across the country are down significantly. Auto manufacturing has been hindered by disruptions in the supply chain, and some plants have shut down.

Despite low interest rates and new safety precautions at dealerships, it may not be enough to encourage people to buy a new car, especially since consumer spending is down. Plus, with many of us working from home, we’re spending even less time in our cars.


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