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Some Demand Action to Solve Milwaukee's Lead in Water Crisis, Others Say Mayor Should Resign

Update: During Tuesday's press event, Freshwater for Life Action Coalition, or FLAC, spokesperson Robert Miranda called for action.

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A federal judge determined on Friday that Daniel Black can pursue a claim that former Milwaukee County sheriff David Clarke made a retaliatory threat against Black on social media, which Black says was meant to deter free speech.

The claim involves an incident in January of 2017. That's when Black boarded an airplane bound for Milwaukee. As he made his way to his seat, he noticed Clarke was a fellow passenger. Black says he shook his head at Clarke, who was wearing Dallas Cowboys apparel.

The U.S. economy added 148,000 jobs in December, the Labor Department says, issuing the monthly jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The unemployment rate was 4.1 percent, unchanged from November.

Analysts had predicted the Labor Department report would show another month of solid job gains. But it's a sharp dropoff from the revised November result of more than 250,000 jobs.

Lincoln Hills

The state of Wisconsin is changing the way it handles some of its worst juvenile offenders. On Thursday, Gov. Walker unveiled plans to close the Lincoln Hills School for Boys and the Copper Lake School for Girls in Irma, and instead, create five smaller regional facilities scattered across the state.

Many prisoners hail from Milwaukee and the centers have been plagued by reports of abuse of inmates and correctional officers.  Advocates who have been pushing Walker to make such a move, say it's a step in the right direction, but there’s still more work to be done.

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NPR was a different place when Robert Siegel walked in the door for the first time in late 1976.  For one thing, it was still commonly referred to by its full name.  "I was utterly seduced by National Public Radio," Siegel says.  "We didn't shrink from spelling it out in those days."

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Think about what gym class was like as a kid.

You probably played badminton or pickle-ball; maybe the prospect of the dodgeball unit sent shivers up your spine.

Nowadays, your standard gym class experience is changing in a handful of schools around the Milwaukee area. Several educators are working to transform physical education to give kids the tools to maintain their health throughout their lives.

At Wauwatosa’s Longfellow Middle School, P.E. staff are taking an extra step.

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You don’t need us to tell you that it’s cold outside.  When the thermometer reads 5-below or even 5-above, sometimes it can be hard to get up the motivation to go outside.  But Lake Effect essayist Eric Hansen explained in 2009 that there are some compelling reasons to get outside when it’s so cold out, and it’s a message that bears hearing again:

Lake Michigan is a flash of beauty in our daily lives. Glasslike and calm one day, raging with storm-surge waves the next, the lake is a sweeping spectacle, our shoreline the front-row seats.

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Some Republican lawmakers want the federal government to lift the mandate for selling reformulated gas in southeastern Wisconsin under a bill making its way through the state Legislature. Sales of the cleaner-burning fuel were required for six counties in 1996 as part of the federal Clean Air Act.

At the time, the corridor between Milwaukee and Chicago was considered a high ozone area, and state lawmakers felt it was necessary for drivers here to use reformulated gas. Supporters of scrapping “RFG” think the requirement is obsolete, but Democrats disagree.

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Many of us use the New Year as an opportunity to reboot and change unhealthy habits, such as poor eating choices.  But as anyone who has tried to diet can attest, it's not always easy when there are Peanut M&M's at hand.

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Chemotherapy is - in some ways - a medical miracle. It’s proven to kill cancer and every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans are helped by these drugs.

But there are also many known side effects to the drugs used in chemotherapy. Perhaps the most noticeable is hair loss, but different kinds of chemotherapy can lead to a variety of life-altering consequences.

Infertility, nerve damage, and anemia are just a few of the many side effects that can come from chemo. Yet another symptom of chemotherapy is the subject of a growing body of research. 

Essay: Dear Nice Old Black Lady at McDonald's

Jan 3, 2018
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At the beginning of the year, self-improvement is often on our mind. Sometimes, bettering ourselves can come through self-discipline, but sometimes others play a role in steering us on a new path.

For writer and former white supremacist Arno Michaelis, a series of events and people helped change his life for the better. Michaelis recalls his encounter with a worker at McDonald's who was one of the first to show him compassion, even when she represented everything he was supposed to hate.

Dear nice old black lady at McDonald’s,


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