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If you've heard any of rapper Cardi B's recent string of hits, you know the woman has expensive taste. The Bronx-born star loves Balenciaga, Prada and Gucci. But true fans know that for years she's been one of the most visible spokespeople for a brand that's far more affordable: Fashion Nova, a popular retailer known for being sexy, cheap, and worn by celebrities.

Stock Markets Drop Amid Escalating Tariff Threats

4 hours ago

The U.S. stock market fell sharply early Tuesday morning in response to President Trump's recent threats to add another layer of tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods. The Dow Jones industrial average was down about 1.2 percent, or more than 300 points, on pace for its sixth straight daily drop.

Entrepreneur Paul Schueller Believes in 'Learning, Not Lamenting'

4 hours ago

Paul Schueller was interested in energy and environmental issues as a young boy in Port Washington and was lucky enough to get into that area as a pipeline construction engineer at Wisconsin Electric. He left the utility to form his own consulting firm, then in 1994 founded Franklin Energy, a Port Washington company that operates energy-saving programs for customers of utilities. Franklin does everything from running rebate programs for purchases of energy-saving light bulbs to performing energy audits for large corporations.

I visited a detention center called Casa Padre in Brownsville, Texas that used to be a Walmart. It’s run by a nonprofit, Southwest Key, and it’s currently housing about 1,500 children who were detained at the Texas/Mexico border. Some of those children were separated from their parents when border protection officials captured them.

Why trade uncertainty may not be a big factor in Mexico's general election

6 hours ago

(U.S. Edition) If China decides to fight back against the Trump administration's $50 billion tariffs, the president is threatening to up that to another $200 billion in goods. We'll look at the countermeasures China might put in place, and what this conflict means for U.S. businesses that operate there.

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(Global Edition) From the BBC World Service … There are more tariff threats against China from the White House, so are we in a trade war yet? And what needs to happen to de-escalate the growing tensions between the two nations? Then, shares of the Hong Kong–listed Chinese telecom ZTE plunged more than 20 percent to a two-year low. It wasn’t President Trump, but the U.S. Congress that sparked fresh concerns. Afterwards, growing alongside the rise of online sales is the rise of fake reviews.

Will the Theranos scandal put a damper on medical tech investing?

8 hours ago

The blood-testing startup Theranos is now firmly in disgrace. Founder Elizabeth Holmes was indicted Friday on federal wire fraud charges and has resigned as the company’s CEO. But whatever happens with Holmes and Theranos, the episode has changed the conversation around biotech investing. Michael Greeley is general partner of Flare Capital Partners in Boston, which specializes in funding health care technology companies. He spoke with Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood about what the Theranos downfall means to the industry overall. (06/19/2018)

Just outside tiny Sheffield, Iowa, a modern steel and glass office building has sprung up next to a cornfield. Behind it, there's a plant that employs almost 700 workers making Sukup brand steel grain bins. The factory provides an economic anchor for Sheffield, population 1,125.

Charles Sukup, the company's president, says that even though workers can be hard to come by, there are no plans to relocate.

"Our philosophy is you bloom where you're planted," Sukup says with a smile.

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