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For the first time in more than 130 years, Americans ages 18-34 are more likely to live with their parents than in any other living situation, according to a new analysis by the Pew Research Center.

In the wake of a spectacular $81 million heist involving Bangladesh's central bank, the top official for the messaging system used to move billions of dollars every day throughout the global banking system says he's going on the offensive against cybercriminals.

Gottfried Leibbrandt, chief executive of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), announced the plan today in Brussels.

Monsanto has rejected a $62 billion takeover bid from Bayer as "incomplete and financially inadequate," but left the door open to further negotiations with the German chemical and pharmaceutical giant.

Lufthansa will sell you a mystery flight

May 24, 2016
Kai Ryssdal

We talked a lot about air travel Tuesday, here's one more quick story: Lufthansa's doing something interesting.

With Lufthansa Surprise, you buy a ticket, and the airline decides where you go.

You can put some parameters on there, so it's not totally blind, but still.

A record year for Broadway shows

May 24, 2016
Tracey Samuelson

The 2015 -2016 season on Broadway has wrapped up and it was a record year — more than $13 million theatergoers shelled out $1.3 billion to see live theater, according The Broadway League, a trade association. The caveat is that not all shows are created equal.

Click the player above to hear more about the state of the theater business. 

French authorities launched a surprise search of Google's offices in Paris early Tuesday morning as part of an inquiry into the tech company's tax dealings in France.

Prosecutors said in a statement that the raid, which also involved 25 computer experts, is part of an investigation launched in June 2015 into possible tax evasion and money laundering.

Struggling with long wait times, the Veterans Affairs Health Care System is trying something new: a partnership with the CVS Pharmacy chain to offer urgent care services to more than 65,000 veterans.

The experiment began Tuesday at the VA's operations in Palo Alto, Calif.

Donna Tam

About 3 million young people — mostly black and Latino youths — are neither working nor in school, reflecting a larger issue of access to education and job preparation, according to a study released Tuesday from research nonprofit Brookings.

Roberta Siao, a Brazilian immigrant in London, found that her dual status as a foreigner and mother made it impossible to find work. Yet at Mazi Mas, a London-based pop-up restaurant and catering service focused on training and employing immigrant and refugee women, she has found more than just a paying job. She tells her story in her own words.

Kai Ryssdal

The Bill and  Melinda Gates Foundation is the largest private foundation in the world. Its CEO, Sue Desmond-Hellmann, talks about Big Philanthropy, partnering with private businesses, and why the worst inequalities won't be solved quickly.

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Fraud in the Medicaid system

May 24, 2016

On today's show, we'll talk about how homebuilders are starting to cater to high-income consumers; the failure of state and federal health officials to conduct criminal background checks on high-risk health providers; and a submarine project in Connecticut that could be potentially worth $100 billion.