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Senate Republicans have agreed to delay the confirmation hearings for several Trump Administration cabinet picks to give federal ethics officials and Senators more time to vet the nominees.

Trump’s plan to end conflicts raises questions

Jan 11, 2017

In President-elect Donald Trump’s long-awaited and long-delayed news conference Wednesday, he and his lawyer laid out plans to address concerns about potential conflicts between his presidency and his business interests. Many government ethics experts in both parties are unimpressed, saying the new measures don’t go far enough.

Facebook is unveiling a new journalism project Wednesday. No, the Silicon Valley giant isn't hiring a team of reporters. Facebook says it wants engineers — the tech talent at local and global publishers — to tag-team earlier on to develop technologies that make Facebook a more powerful platform to distribute news and discuss it.

Tony Wagner

It had to sting a little when the president-elect called BuzzFeed a "failing pile of garbage" this morning, but the digital media outfit turned the insult into a branding opportunity.

Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson had a tense confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday, clashing even with Republican members over his views on Russia, international human rights violations and the lobbying and deal-making of Exxon Mobil when he was CEO.

01/11/2017: Trump's business plan

Jan 11, 2017

President-elect Donald Trump laid out plans today for addressing his conflicts of interest, but government ethics experts on both sides weren't impressed. Plus, with HHS Secretary nominee Tom Price's confirmation hearings coming up, what's next for the Affordable Care Act? Then, George Lucas' new LA museum and the effect of renewed U.S.-Cuba relations on Big Pharma.

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01/11/17: The Dow's (anticlimactic) crawl to 20,000

Jan 11, 2017

If the Dow crosses 20,000, it will...not be that big of a deal. Washington Post columnist Allan Sloan joined us to talk about why exactly that threshold doesn't hold any financial significance. Plus: A look at why Norway is turning off analog FM radio today. 

In late October, just weeks ahead of the election, President-elect Donald Trump made a quick detour to Washington for the official opening of his new five-star hotel, just a few blocks from the White House.

Norway waves goodbye to FM broadcasting

Jan 11, 2017

Norway starts turning off its FM radio today. It’s going fully digital.

The change will begin in the north of the country. The government says the country’s aging broadcast network means it’s time for new technology.

National radio and big commercial stations will have 12 months to switch over, and community and local stations will have five years extra time to make the change.

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David Brancaccio

Paul Merenbloom, a former Wall Street analyst, decided to change careers to work on a passion project: a system to help older or infirm people live safely in their homes for longer.

SentinelCare keeps a close eye on loved ones who need watching in the home. How often is the person getting up at night? Getting around? Prepping food? 

It’s a system that goes beyond the buttons or bracelets that summon emergency help.

Merenbloom joined us to talk about how the idea got started.

President-elect Donald Trump's choice for secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, is on tap Wednesday for a Senate confirmation hearing.  What does his record in corporate leadership reveal about what he might bring to the table in government?  Tillerson joined the energy giant ExxonMobil in 1975 and never left, rising to the rank of chief executive in 2006.  As a corporate leader, he was serious, straightforward, cautious and did a fair amount of dealmaking with foreign governments, including Russia, which will likely attract scrutiny from lawmakers.

01/11/2017: Rex Tillerson's Boy Scout ties

Jan 10, 2017

President-elect Trump's nominee for secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, begins his Senate confirmation hearing later today. What could he bring to the table as leader? We'll look at his Boy Scout past and find out how experts would grade his ExxonMobil tenure. Next, we'll discuss Volkswagen's announcement that it's close to a settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice over rigged cars, and then chat with a former Wall Street analyst about a project of his that aims to help the elderly live independently.

01/11/17: Rise of the minivan

Jan 10, 2017

The Detroit Auto show has revved up, and there's an unlikely star at the center of it all: the minivan. CNET's Tim Stevens joined us to talk about how the vehicle can be a playground for all kinds of tech. Next, we'll talk about a division at Yahoo, where some assets will be separated and placed under a new brand name: "Altaba." Finally, we'll look at Norway's decision to phase out its FM radio network.


After years of planning, negotiations and speculation, filmmaker George Lucas has chosen Los Angeles to be the home for his museum honoring visual storytelling. It will display his personal collection of fine and popular art, including Norman Rockwell paintings, Mad Magazine covers, photography, children's art, as well as Hollywood props and visual effects from his famous movie franchise Star Wars.