Alesandra Tejeda

Digital Intern

Alesandra Tejeda became WUWM’s first digital intern in the summer of 2019. 

Before her start date at WUWM, she spent part of June learning about the Sherpa diaspora in Queens, N.Y., for a personal investigative project. Alesandra loves to travel and has a passion for storytelling in all its forms, but particularly through photography. In recent years she has combined these interests around the world in Hawaii, Iceland, Nepal, and the Caribbean. 

Alesandra attends college in Colorado, where she studies environmental studies and journalism. She calls many places home; among them Mexico City, where she was born and raised, and Milwaukee where she has lived for several years, on and off. 

She hopes to pursue a life in journalism and photography. 

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Janet McMillan

There are many books and articles out there that tell you the best places you should visit in Milwaukee. So it was with a bit of trepidation that Lake Effect agreed to look at one more. While 111 Places in Milwaukee That You Must Not Miss offers up some of the expected — think The Pfister Hotel or The Harley Museum — it also offers up some lesser known places, like the Morris Pratt Institute, Al Capone's rual hideout or visiting Grebe's Bakery for some crullers.

Alesandra Tejeda

Cities all over the United States will be celebrating Bastille Day, the national French holiday, this weekend. Milwaukee, the city of festivals, is having its own celebration.

Commemorated every year on July 14, Bastille Day is akin to our July 4 because it celebrates the beginning of a journey to independence. On July 14, 1789, peasants stormed the Bastille prison and ignited the revolution against the existing monarchical rule in France. Though originally a bloody and violent affair, Bastille Day is now celebrated with pageantry.