Dave Begel

Theater Critic

Dave Begel has a long, award-winning history in Milwaukee media, having worked for newspapers, television and radio stations and online publications.

His first play was in sixth grade when he played Cyrano. Since then he has appeared in many community theater productions and a variety of professional productions until he realized that acting was not his path to fame.

He gave up on fame and decided to spend his time watching the productions in Milwaukee and Wisconsin and telling people about what he saw. As a theater critic, he is committed to supporting the theatrical community while maintaining his standards for just what makes a great production…and what doesn’t.

You can read his reviews and news of theater at davebegelontheater.com.

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As the holiday season gets underway, there are a myriad of new productions opening at theaters throughout Milwaukee. Lake Effect contributor and local theater critic Dave Begel, regularly joins us to talk about shows on stage around Wisconsin and some of the big topics impacting theater around the world. Begel offers his opinions on the latest round of theater openings and the must-see productions this season. 

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The fall theatre season is well underway across town.

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Milwaukee Theater Critic Dave Begel is a longtime lover and reviewer of Wisconsin theater. When the season is in full swing, he will often seen four or five shows over a weekend. It's his job, but it's also his passion. 

"If you go once you're probably going to go the rest of your life, cause it's an unmatched experience. It's not the same as going to a movie or binge-watching on television," he says.