Ed Makowski

Poet, Artist, Writer

Ed Makowski is a poet, artist and writer living in Milwaukee, WI. As Eddie Kilowatt he released two books, Manifest Density and Carrying a Knife in to the Gunfight. Ed lives in Riverwest and prefers two wheels to four. More of his work can be found at Ed Makowski's Kitchen Table blog.


Milwaukee poet Ed Makowski shares through minute observations, what separates the "I" from the "You," while at the same time showing how similar we all are:

You can't debate with memory

or slow dance a regret

The music of my youth
will always mean more
than the music of yours

How does the insect population hope to support
the spider population in my garage?

The ape I am derived from is no more superior
than the ape you are derived from

Guy Sie / Flickr

High tech things like livestreaming, constant connectivity, and young professionals seem to be a natural fit. But as Lake Effect essayist Ed Makowski points out, not everyone thinks so:

anthony_goto / Flickr

Essayist Ed Makowski reads his essay about selling Christmas trees in Florida.