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Ex Fabula is a Milwaukee nonprofit organization that strengthens community bonds through the art of storytelling. Ex Fabula produces StorySlams, workshops, community collaborations, a podcast, and radio pieces, all in order to provide platforms for people to come together and share true, personal stories.

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Art Montes

To celebrate the end of Ex Fabula’s groundbreaking Season 9 and preview the upcoming ALL STARS event on May 18th, we’ll spend the next few shows revisiting some of our most-loved stories from recent months.

Ex Fabula: Last Straw

Apr 7, 2018
Michele Kiewig

It seems like just yesterday that we were making party plans and New Year goals for 2018. Now here were are approaching our final regular StorySlam of Season 9. Will you help us make April our third sold out StorySlam of 2018? Join us this Tuesday, April 10, at Times Cinema for our last regular StorySlam,
"Last Straw."

Art Montes

We’ve all been a part of difficult conversations. There’s no shortage of them these days. They might have been with teachers, neighbors, partners, family members, work colleagues or even complete strangers. Despite the discomfort, they can be constructive opportunities to listen, learn and transform perceptions and behaviors.

Ex Fabula: Money

Mar 24, 2018
Art Montes

Money: the root of all evil or what makes the world go ‘round? In light of the upcoming April 3rd election and the proposed constitutional amendment to eliminate the office of the State Treasurer, we’re taking a look back at how money has influenced some of our favorite stories. We also encourage you to remember Michelle Obama’s words, “Elections aren’t just about who vote but who doesn’t vote,” and vote on April 3rd.

Art Montes

Daylight Saving time is here. Hallelujah! On Sunday we move the clocks forward, giving us another desperately needed hour of daylight while moving us closer to the second & last regular Ex Fabula StorySlam of Season 9. Join us on March 22nd for our "TMI" StorySlam - It’s sure to be one for the archives.

Ex Fabula: Karma

Mar 3, 2018
Art Montes

This month we’re “lucky” enough to bring you not one, but two regular StorySlams - the first at Bay View’s Sugar Maple on Wednesday, March 7th. The theme is ever-intriguing topic, Karma.

February has been quite the month. The headlines and heartbreak can be overwhelming. Sometimes the best thing to do is to listen. When we listen to other people’s stories we learn, mourn and heal. On March 7th we’ll have a whole new set of stories at our March StorySlam, “Karma.” However “Karma” has shown up in your life (or if you’re still waiting for it) we’re looking forward to a night of entertaining stories and a few life lessons.

Tijana / Fotolia

Given the national discussion surrounding food, nutrition and poverty, we’re taking you way back to our first seasons and stories from our outdoor StorySlam, Comfort Food, at the Fondy Farmers Market. These stories showcase the importance of food when it comes to community, family, and heritage and, we hope, makes us think a little deeper about how these bonds are affected when food and resources are scarce.

Ex Fabula: Milwaukee Love

Feb 10, 2018
Artemio Montes

We know what you’re thinking....."Not another dumb Valentine episode? Nope. Negative. The pattern is full." Okay, this weekend IS about love, but it’s about love of another kind: hometown love, neighborhood love, and...well, yes, there’s a little love story, too. But you’ll love it. We promise.

Ex Fabula: First Time

Feb 3, 2018
Ex Fabula

Do you remember your first time? Your first kiss, your first time driving, first job interview, first broken bone, first time in a plane. There are universal firsts and then there are unique firsts and we’re looking forward to hearing all about them next week Wednesday at our February StorySlam. We’ll be returning to Lakefront Brewery on February 7th for our February StorySlam, "First Time." Will you make it your “First Time” telling a story?

Art Montes

While the days are getting longer, many us have a case of the "January Blues."  While there are folks excited about that next snowfall, there are just as many (if not more) ready to hop on a plane to somewhere warmer. With just under a week until Groundhog Day, we're wondering: Will we have another six weeks of winter? Whether you want that answer to be yes or no, we have a story that should hit the spot.

Art Montes

Earlier this week the nation celebrated the life and lessons of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. From the nation’s capitol to the smallest classrooms here in Milwaukee we reflected on MLK’s activism, achievements and his timeless dream.  It’s been 55 years since King’s “I have a Dream” speech called for an end to racism, and for civil and economic rights. And here we are in 2018 still fighting to make that dream a reality.

Ex Fabula: Break Free

Jan 13, 2018
Photo by Carolina Mulvey-Videla

It’s the second week of the new year; a time when those resolutions and new healthy habits start becoming harder to keep (for some). However, the beauty of a new year is the chance at a new beginning - real or metaphorical. It’s a time for renewal, a time to break free from bad relationships, bad habits and/or bad people. In anticipation of next week’s Ex Fabula New Year Spectacular on January 18th at Turner Hall, we’re bringing you two stories that we hope will inspire you to “break free” in the new year!

Art Montes

Happy New Year from all of us at Ex Fabula! We’re excited about 2018, and have a January full of workshops and events that we hope will inspire you to try something new this year.  Although if you just want to hear some great stories, maybe our New Year Spectacular StorySlam is more you speed.

For this week's show, we have stories of two things that go well together: children and adventures.

Ex Fabula: Take A Chance

Dec 30, 2017
Art Montes

As 2017 comes to an end we look back at this past year and set new goals for the year ahead. So, in the spirit of new beginnings, we leave 2017 with two stories by women who decided to take a chance on something new.