'Antarctica, WI': A New Play Shows Milwaukee's Warm Heart

Apr 5, 2018

Antarctica, WI. It's not an actual place. But it is a play about Milwaukee, about its divisions and its places of connection, and about a group of teenagers trying to navigate their world and hopefully make it better.

The 'Berg' cast of Antarctica, WI
Credit courtesy of First Stage

The play opens Friday, April 6, at First Stage's performance home at the Todd Wehr Theatre in the Marcus Center. It was written by Tasmanian playwright Finegan Kruckemeyer, who interviewed kids in Milwaukee for the play. They told him stories about living here in the city, talked about their hopes, and discussed the things they fear. 

Malkia Stampley directs Antarctica, WI and Jeff Frank is the artistic director of First Stage. They discuss the production of the show and the process of creating it with Milwaukee kids.