Cheese Talk: New York Cheese & What's New In The World Of Old Milk

Jun 11, 2019

For those who haven't heard the news, Mitch Teich is pulling up the stakes and moving to upstate New York. His last show as Lake Effect's executive producer will be Wednesday, June 19, at Lake Effect On-Site: Cedarburg.

Teich says he's going to miss a lot about Wisconsin, including its top-tier cheese. However, his new home has an impressive dairy industry, as well. So, who better to give him some cheese-related advice than Jeanette Hurt, cheese and cocktail writer and Lake Effect contributor.

Hurt says New York's dairy industry predates Wisconsin's. "It wasn't until [Wisconsinites] had primarily Swiss immigrants and New York dairy farmers who moved out West, and they brought their techniques and they brought their traditions," she adds.