Crowd Outside Biden Event In Kenosha Keeps With Black Lives Matter Message

Sep 4, 2020

Dozens of people rallied outside of Grace Lutheran Church in Kenosha Thursday. 

That’s where Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden held an invitation-only conversation on how to heal the community. While it was taking place inside, outside the message was simple — Black Lives Matter and police reform is necessary. 

Demonstrators say the will not stop with the message of police reform until they get what they want.
Credit LaToya Dennis

Justin Blake was there. His nephew Jacob is the man who police shot in the back seven times a week and a half ago. The shooting sparked days of demonstrations and unrest, which turned violent when an Illinois teen shot and killed two protesters. Jacob Blake is paralyzed from the waist down.

“It’ll take a miracle to stand little Jake up but we’re standing up for him and we’re not going to stand down until we get a conviction on the police officer that took liberties to shoot him seven times in the back,” Blake said.

Earlier in the day, Joe Biden met with the Blake family.

Two days earlier, President Donald Trump used his visit to Kenosha to host a conversation with law enforcement and visited buildings that burned during the unrest.