Ex Fabula: Adventures Abroad

Dec 16, 2017

As we approach the second biggest travel time of the year, we thought it’d be fun to share some travel stories. From a terrifying taxi ride in a foreign land to a 12-hour cross-country train ride, our stories this week come complete with planes, trains and automobiles.

Storyteller John Bedalov
Credit Art Montes

John Bedalov is always up for an adventure. So when his computer-programming job required him to travel to India for a project, he was all about it. India is a land full of wonder: the sights, sounds, the aromas, and...the traffic. In this “Crossing Over” story from October 2014, John shares how a day of sight-seeing on the road took a dangerous turn.

In 2012, Erin Bloodgood was studying in Germany. When Erin and a few friends decided to take a cheap flight to Munich for the weekend they had no doubt the train would get them back for their Monday morning class. In this “What Could Go Wrong?” story from October, Erin’s easy weekend adventure turned into something from a John Hughes movie. Tune in to see if this train-hopping crew made their class on time: