Ex Fabula: Family Matters

Apr 14, 2018

Ex Fabula held the last StorySlam of the season - Last Straw - last Tuesday. Thanks to everyone who came out.

This past Thursday Ex Fabula had the pleasure of joining forces with UW-Waukesha for a Storytelling Workshop inspired by the themes in The Round House by Louise Erdich. With family being the heart of Erdich’s novel, family became the theme of the workshop as well, and this week we’ll be sharing some family stories from our own archives.

When Mark Steidl’s father was nearing the end of his life, Mark suddenly found himself spending a great deal of time with the son of his father’s long-time girlfriend, a man he had gone through great lengths to keep at a distance. However, with his dad’s death approaching, Mark felt the old resentments and jealousies dissipate. Soon after the funeral, Mark reached out to the almost-brother. Would that connection still be there? 

Storyteller Liza Kessler
Credit Art Montes

Liza Kessler never knew exactly why her parents were a little different than other parents; they just were. And just like most kids of a certain age, she liked to keep all details about them hidden. It didn’t help that her mother, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, told her it was better not to talk about their jobs, especially after one secret trip to the White House. So, can we expect a scathing memoir coming from Liza anytime soon? Listen and learn.

April is only half over and there are so many events for the remainder of the month. Our Fellows and Facilitators will be busy and we hope you will be there with them starting Tuesday, April 17 with "Embracing Cultural Diversity" at WCTC. To check out and RSVP for all of the upcoming events and get your tickets for the ALL-STARS visit ExFabula.org. You can catch the audience's favorite story from our "Last Straw" show, along with all of this season’s faves, on May 18th at our Ex Fabula Season 9 All-Stars Event.