Ex Fabula: First Time

Feb 3, 2018

Do you remember your first time? Your first kiss, your first time driving, first job interview, first broken bone, first time in a plane. There are universal firsts and then there are unique firsts and we’re looking forward to hearing all about them next week Wednesday at our February StorySlam. We’ll be returning to Lakefront Brewery on February 7th for our February StorySlam, "First Time." Will you make it your “First Time” telling a story?

Mel Miskimen’s husband was a historically bad gift giver. So when her 35th birthday came around she didn’t have a lot of hope. But she was wrong. Mel’s husband had given her the ultimate gift…tickets and backstage passes to Sting’s first solo tour. It was the first time her had ever truly surprised her.  The day of the concert came and the couple was led backstage at Alpine Valley, softly Mel’s husband whispered, “Don’t do anything stupid.” Did she take her dear one's sage advice?

Storyteller Gordon Leech
Credit Ex Fabula

As a 21-year-old college student Gordon Leech had become enamored with a girl from his class named “Koshi.”  Having trouble matching her name with her face, Gordon spent a few weeks calling her the wrong name before finally getting up the nerve to ask her out. With her name written on his hand and his last 20 dollars they made a date. Listen in to the rest of this “What Could Go Wrong Story” from October of 2017:

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