Ex Fabula: Holidaze

Dec 23, 2017

Being in the holiday spirit this week, we decided to bring you an encore of our recent "Traditions” event. Whether you’re running to find those last-minute gifts or just kicking back, these stories will keep you smiling.

Marcia Szalewski is a woman of many talents - however, cooking was never one of them. When it came time to bring a dish to a holiday function, she was usually assigned pickles and relish. Then one Thanksgiving, Marcia got a promotion: she was now tasked with bringing the dinner rolls. With store bought rolls out of the question, she tried and failed several times with internet recipes. Little did she know, the secret to culinary success was hiding right in her own kitchen.

Storyteller Tony Anderson

Tony Anderson had a very important public service announcement for our “Traditions” audience: “Santa is dangerous.” When Tony began teaching second grade he learned a valuable lesson: the subject of Santa is a minefield, and there can be an explosion at any time. Make sure your little ones aren’t listening before you settle-in for Tony’s entertaining tale.