Ex Fabula: Last Straw

Apr 7, 2018

It seems like just yesterday that we were making party plans and New Year goals for 2018. Now here were are approaching our final regular StorySlam of Season 9. Will you help us make April our third sold out StorySlam of 2018? Join us this Tuesday, April 10, at Times Cinema for our last regular StorySlam,
"Last Straw."

We’ve all been there-at the breaking point. Maybe it was a co-worker, a job, a relationship, or a school bully whoever, whatever, it was something happens after many other some-things have happened and it’s the Last Straw. In our first story from February 2010, Amie Losi shares her story of the beginning of the end of her first marriage and how a final, off-handed comment turned was her “Last Straw.”

The StorySlam Season may be over after Tuesday but that doesn’t mean Ex Fabula is off the clock. We have a full calendar of events this April and several opportunities for you beginning next Thursday, April 12. Join Ex Fabula Fellows and community members citywide for an important and eye opening dialogue, "Housing as a Public Health Issue."

Storyteller Jacqueline Haessly
Credit Carolina Videla-Mulvey

With housing and health in mind, our next story comes from a January Ex Fabula Fellows, Race and Place. Back in 1970, after the passing of the Fair Housing Act, Jacqueline Haessly and so many others thought the fight was over. Until Jacqueline’s good friend Julie, an African-American woman found herself facing a racist landlord who refused to rent to black people. Though illegal, the law hadn’t quite made it to the streets and Julie filed a complaint-a complaint that would go all the way to the US Supreme Court. What was the verdict? Listen and find out.

With so many upcoming events we encourage you to stop on over at ExFabula.org for all the details, registration information and tickets. While you’re there maybe become an Ex Fabula member as well and help us continue to host even more events in Season 10!