Ex Fabula: Milwaukee Love

Feb 10, 2018

We know what you’re thinking....."Not another dumb Valentine episode? Nope. Negative. The pattern is full." Okay, this weekend IS about love, but it’s about love of another kind: hometown love, neighborhood love, and...well, yes, there’s a little love story, too. But you’ll love it. We promise.

Who doesn’t love the 80s? With the advent of MTV, HBO, boomboxes, and Trapper Keepers, the 80s were, like, totally gnarly, dude. And Dan Baldwin remembers. In fact, in this story from last April’s “Only in Milwaukee” Slam, Dan insists that the only thing better than the 80s itself was the 80s in Milwaukee! Why? You ask. Well, tune in and let “Jack Dan” tell you all about it.

Storyteller Toni Edwards

When Toni Edwards and her husband found the perfect house on Brentwood Court in Havenwoods, they didn’t yet know their marriage was ending.

The spacious three bedroom home with a sprawling yard and potential man cave was like a dream come true, but sometimes a house just can’t make a home. When the marriage dissolved a year and a half later, Toni found herself at a crossroads. Move in with her mother or work two jobs to keep the house? She also found herself at another crossroads after a night out consoling a recently single girlfriend. Tune in to this story from out curated “Communities StorySlam: Havenwoods” to find out if Toni took the roads less traveled:

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We hope you made it out to Lakefront Brewery on Wednesday night because the room was roaring with so many “First Time” stories from our February Slam. Oh, you missed it? Don’t worry. It won’t be the last time (see what we did there?). In fact next Tuesday, February 13th, our Ex Fabula Fellows, along with the Zeidler Center for Public Discussion, will be hosting a public storytelling event and discussion on "Interrogating Whiteness." It’s a free event but we do require registration.