Ex Fabula: Traditions

Dec 9, 2017

This week, we're celebrating traditions. They can mean very different things to different people, from baking Christmas cookies with Grandma to tailgating the Brewers Season Opener with your friends for 20 years-in-a-row. But what if you don't feel you have any traditions to pass along? That's the question that inspired Rochelle Fritsch to share her story about family customs.  

For our second story, we veer off the path of traditionalism a bit to look at another type of...ritual told by Brian Moore, Liza Bielby, and Barney Baggett:

You can hear live stories about the theme of tradition this Tuesday, for our December StorySlam at the Milwaukee Public Museum. Not only will you hear some great storytelling, but early birds have the opportunity to browse some cool exhibits.  With a fully-accessible stage and ASL interpretation throughout the event, this will truly be a night for everyone. Hope to see you there!