Ex Fabula: Youthful Indiscretions

Aug 12, 2017

The stories of our youth - they are the stories we tell sitting around campfires, or at dinner with old friends, and they often begin with, “Remember the time...?” These are some of our favorite stories from the Ex Fabula stage, and today we bring you two of the best.

Storyteller Erin Johnston.
Credit Carolina Mulvey-Videla

In Fall 2016 Ex Fabula partnered with Waukesha Reads for another exciting season of community building through great books. Erin Johnston took to the stage in November for the "Loss of Innocence"  Storytelling Event. It was 1980's New York when Erin found herself on a quest for the perfect rock n’ roll hairstyle, as well as a chance to work with a top theater director. This is how three bad perms and several margaritas helped Erin on her quest.

When Brian Jacobson agreed to give a cute co-worker a ride home after work one evening, he never imagined that it would turn into one of his favorite high school memories. At our 2010 "High School Confidential" event, Brian shared a story about a crazy high school night fit for a John Hughes movie.

Listen to these tales of youthful indiscretion, from the Ex Fabula stage: