Friday on Lake Effect: Infrastructure Needs, 'I'm An American,' Tour of America's Dairyland, QZAP

Jun 28, 2019

Friday on Lake Effect:

A report from the Wisconsin Policy Forum looks at the many infrastructure needs facing the Milwaukee-area. Then, a Rohingya refugee talks about their experience living in Milwaukee for our I'm An American series. Later, how the host housing program for the Tour of America’s Dairyland benefits more than just the cyclists. And a local, private archive contains many hundreds of LGBTQ+ stories not found in other media.


  • Rob Henken, president, Wisconsin Policy Forum
  • I'm An American series
  • Karen Larson, founder, The Tour of America's Dairyland Host Housing Program; Ben Kersten, manager, Australian Cycling Academy
  • Milo Miller and Chris Wilde, founders, Queer Zine Archive Project (QZAP)