Friday on Lake Effect: Ryan Resignation, 'Raising the Dad', Messiaen Organ Music, Bubbler Talk

Apr 13, 2018

Friday on Lake Effect:

Now that Speaker Paul Ryan won’t seek reelection, we consider what that might mean for a Republican hopeful in his district. Then, Wauwatosa author Tom Matthews explains how a dream about his deceased father inspired him to write his new novel, Raising the Dad. We'll learn more about the organ music of 20th century French composer Olivier Messiaen, and hear a short performance at the Church of the Gesu on Marquette's campus. Bubbler Talk finds out what the deal is with the large tower in Estabrook Park, and we'll hear a song by the local band Various Small Fires, recorded in our performance studio.


  • Charles Franklin, Marquette University Law School
  • Tom Matthews, author
  • Jon Gillock & Dean Rosko, organists
  • Bubbler Talk
  • Various Small Fires Band