Game App Created To Get People Interested In Milwaukee’s Water Resources

Jul 14, 2017

Water Story MKE is the brainchild of Michael Timm. He teamed up with Reflo, a nonprofit dedicated to water sustainability to create the app.

“It is place-based. Kind of like Pokémon Go where you go around the city and different content pops up when you explore different sites,” Timm adds, “We’ve gamified that tour component so that you’re not only exploring the area and revealing green infrastructure, water history that’s relevant to a place, but giving you game credit to keep going and explore more.”

The new app will debut at a scavenger hunt called The Great Water Race. Timm says the July 22nd event focuses on six sites.

These yellow sites are the human stories and blue sites are things that give us a little more connection to external resources, like the Bradford buoy!

“It starts at Cream City Farms in the 30th Street Corridor and ends at Bradford Beach.” He says there are brewery neighborhoods in between, “followed by the River Revitalization Foundation area just south of the old dam and then the Lakefront Flushing Station - which is better known as Colectivo By the Lake. Because of the great museum MMSD has curated, we have a gamified component there.”

Timm says the July 22nd event is only the beginning of the game.

Credit Michael Timm

“We’re looking forward to the support of a number of partners down the road. There’s interest from the folks at the Watermarks project, which involves New York-based artist Mary Miss to create place-based art in the city and we’ll be talking with them about to merge our efforts into a really awesome app experience longterm,” Timm says.