Goat's Floats Company Run By Kids Who Want To Help Other Kids

Jul 2, 2014

Noah Godsell (second from right), president, and CEO of Goat’s Floats, and his Goat's Floats team
Credit www.facebook.com/GoatsFloats

Did you have a summer job when you were a kid? 12-year old Noah Godsell has a summer job, and as a result, so do about a dozen of his friends and peers.

The Pewaukee boy took the old fashioned idea of selling drinks to thirsty people on a hot day, and scaled it up.

The result is Goat's Floats, which sells root beer - and other floats to people at Pewaukee’s Wagner Park.

Godsell honed his business acumen on the job, and through a class trip to a local program run by the organization Junior Achievement. 

Tim Greinert, President of Junior Achievement of Wisconsin, has helped and advised Godsell as he deals with the many challenges of owning and operating a business.

"What is important to us is that our young people see the correlation between their education at a young age and their future opportunities, but also just to give them the [entrepreneurial] skill set," says Greinert.

Instead of taking the profits from his business to buy himself a new bike, Godsell has donated all proceeds to the charity Living Hope International. You can learn more about Goat's Floats through their Facebook page.