Lake Effect Weekend: Remembering Anita Zeidler, 'Look Here!' Art Exhibit, Ex Fabula

Sep 8, 2018

This weekend on Lake Effect:

We remember Anita Zeidler, who died earlier this week. In a 2017 interview, she remembers taking walks or going to the playground with her father, the late mayor Frank Zeidler. Then, what was in it for the UWM Libraries to have parts of their collection used in an art exhibit? Plus we have the latest edition in our storytelling series, Ex Fabula.


  • John Gurda, Milwaukee historian; Anita Zeidler, daughter of the late Frank Zeidler
  • Max Yela, Marcy Bidney & Ann Hanlon, UWM Library; Marc Tasman & Nirmal Raja, artists; Shana McCaw, Villa Terrace Museum senior curator
  • Leah DeLaney, Ex Fabula co-founder; Bruce Winter, WUWM