Lake Effect Weekend: The State of Small Farming, Radio Chipstone, Ex Fabula

May 5, 2018

This weekend on Lake Effect:

A new analysis takes a look at second-offense marijuana possession arrests in Milwaukee County - a felony, in Wisconsin. Then, why the disappearance of small farms around the country should be of concern to people in both rural and urban America. Plus, we’ll have this week’s editions of Radio Chipstone and our storytelling series, Ex Fabula.


  • Gretchen Schuldt, Wisconsin Justice Initiative
  • Dave Kozlowski, Pinehold Gardens; Sarah Lloyd, Wisconsin Farmers Union; Kirsten Jurcek, Brattset Family Farm
  • Gloriann Langva, UW-Madison; Gianofer Fields, material culture contributor
  • Leah DeLaney, Ex Fabula co-founder; Rachel Owens, WUWM