Let's Go To The Movies!: What To Watch This Fall

Sep 19, 2014

Credit James Callan, Flickr

Earlier this week, Lake Effect previewed the fall arts scene – on stage, in galleries, and more – around Milwaukee.  Today, we turn to the big screen, which is hoping to rebound from a slow summer at the box office.

Arts and entertainment editor for the Shepherd Express, Dave Luhrssen, joined Lake Effect's Dan Harmon to discuss fall movies, which are often Oscar contenders. Movie goers have much to look forward to this season compared to what we had to see - or decided not to see - this summer, Luhrssen says.

"By some reports, Hollywood had its worse summer in eight years with ticket sales down fifteen to twenty percent in the U.S.," Luhrssen says. "Some multiplexes in Milwaukee have actually cut back their hours. Although the industry likes to blame digital pirating, which is certainly a factor, maybe the underlying cause is that movie goers have concluded that most movies aren't worth the money."

"Now we are entering fall, the season of quality pictures and Oscar contenders. Relief from the dog days of summer is here, we hope," says Luhrssen.

Luhrssen says to watch out for these movies: