Librarians & Legos: How Wisconsin Libraries Meet The Needs of Today's Students

Feb 19, 2018

February marks “Library Lovers” month -- book nerds everywhere, rejoice!

Scratch that – because it isn’t just readers who benefit from the services public libraries provide.

Even in our current digital age, library use is up around the country – thanks to programming that’s evolved to meet the needs of all different kinds of community members….particularly, students.

Makerspaces, robotics classes, coding groups and Lego clubs are just a few of the extra offerings for school-age kids within the Bridges Library System – a group of 24 public libraries spanning Waukesha and Jefferson counties.

Bridges staff members Jill Fuller and Angela Meyers say today’s libraries are evolving to supplement what kids learn in school – as well as fill in the gaps for things they might not get in the classroom.

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