Manufacturing Electric Cars: New Tech or Old School?

Oct 31, 2017

Although the general public may have reservations about the future of electric cars, car makers are plowing forward.  Chevrolet announced earlier this month that the company is moving towards an all-electric future.  That word comes as Tesla continues to scale up production of a growing line of cars.

But how smooth is the road ahead for the company headed by Elon Musk? "Now that [Tesla] has hit a certain level and they want to build more than just one model of car and make 50 [thousand] of them a year, they're getting into that bigger model of manufacturing," notes automotive contributor Mark Savage.

Although electric cars are still relatively new technology and are not widely available, the core of manufacturing automobiles is still old school - centered around a plant, equipment, and labor.

Savage, along with contributor Dan Harmon discuss Tesla’s plan to produce a half-million cars a year in the future, and how that brings the company out of its specialty car maker image and into the realm of manufacturing - along with its potential complications: