Milwaukee Magazine Celebrates 35 Years of Celebrating Milwaukee

Jan 8, 2018

If the January cover of Milwaukee Magazine has a particularly celebratory look to it, that's for good reason.  The magazine marks 35 years of its current iteration with a special section that looks back at highlights from the past three-and-a-half decades.

For editor Carole Nicksin, who has been with the publication for the past year-and-a-half, the deep dive into the magazine's history was revelatory - especially as it pertained to one of the key figures in that history.

"[The late former publisher] Betty Quadracci is a legendary figure, and I knew a lot about her before working on this issue, but I came to know her better, and how I wish she were around and could advise us now. She really, I think, gave a gift to the city when her family purchased the magazine," Nicksin says.

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The 35th anniversary section revisits some of the magazine's most compelling stories, staff members, and covers.  Nicksin says Milwaukee Magazine is still as vital as it's ever been, though she admits there have been some significant changes in the role of magazines on the media landscape.

"I know from talking with previous editors that there was a sense of competition with [the Journal Sentinel], and all of that has changed in large part," she says. "The magazine today doesn't break news - the news cycle is so quick these days that newspapers can barely break news.

"Today, I don't think of the Journal Sentinel as competition - I think we augment each other."