Milwaukee Magazine Offers Tips to Drinking in Brew City

Dec 7, 2017

With our Brewers baseball team and a nickname paying homage to the city’s alcohol-fueled history, it should come as no surprise that Milwaukee is a big drinking town. So when the staff of Milwaukee Magazine sat down to hammer out their ultimate guide to drinking in the city, there were more than a few contentious categories.

"It can be really daunting when you look at it from the very beginning and you think, 'How are we going to do this? Is this even doable?' I would say there are so many more cocktails - this could've been a list of 100," says Ann Christenson, senior editor and dining critic at Milwaukee Magazine

She was one of the esteemed panelists judging the best cocktails in Milwaukee, a list that includes some new favorites, old standards, and new twists on old standards.

One of the more debated cocktails was the best old fashioned in town. The title went to the Jazz Estate, in part because it offers three different takes on the local favorite. 

"If you go to a bar and they've got brandy or... bourbon or... whiskey, and they've got sweet or they've got a sour mixer or something - pretty much any of them can put that together and give you an olive or a maraschino cherry," says Christenson. "But if somebody's really putting some thought into this, that's what we were looking for."