The Skylight's Ray Jivoff on 'Urinetown' & What's Coming Up Next Season

May 25, 2018

Urinetown, The Musical won three Tony Awards for best book, score, and direction of a musical in 2002. It's a very tuneful satire that takes on our legal system, social responsibility or lack thereof, corporate greed and mismanagement, and musical theatre itself.

Milwaukee’s Skylight Music Theatre closes out its season with a production of Urinetown, directed by Ray Jivoff, who is also marking the end of his first season as the company's artistic director. He says that it's been fun programming this past season with shows that are comfortable as well as a bit on the edge - and he says audiences can expect similar kinds of programming in the seasons to come.

"It’s fun to talk about Urinetown and its dystopian themes and its kind of questionable title, and it pushes the envelope on social and political issues," Jivoff explains. "But then we presented Annie - real cultural whiplash, real contrasts. Really presenting the whole spectrum."