Thursday on Lake Effect: Cranberry Tariffs, March For Our Lives, 'Antarctica, WI,' Calum Graham

Apr 5, 2018

Thursday on Lake Effect:

Wisconsin is the largest producer of cranberries in the world, but new tariffs may impact their ability to grow in international markets. The executive director of the Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association discusses how tariffs may impact local growers. Then, we hear from some of the demonstrators who traveled to D.C. for the "March For Our Lives. Later, a look at a new play at First Stage Theatre, which uses community stories as the basis for the characters and the story. And Canadian fingerstyle guitarist Calum Graham describes how he plays so many parts with only two hands.


  • Tom Lochner, executive director, Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association
  • March For Our Lives feature
  • Jeff Frank and Malkia Stampley, Antarctica, WI, First Stage Theatre
  • Calum Graham, guitarist