Thursday on Lake Effect: Marquette Addresses Trauma Impact, 'Ecological Aesthetics,' DeWitt Clinton

Sep 20, 2018

Thursday on Lake Effect:


We learn about the role Marquette University and its president are playing in bringing the community together to address the impact of trauma in Milwaukee.  Later, we talk with Lake Effect's Bonnie North, who is on assignment in Germany, about her conversations with NATO officials.  An artist and UWM academic walks us through the concept of ecological aesthetics.  Plus Wisconsin writer DeWitt Clinton explains how his tour of duty in Vietnam led him to become a poet.




  • Zach Brooke, writer, Milwaukee Magazine
  • Bonnie North, Lake Effect
  • Nathaniel Stern, author, Ecological Aesthetics
  • DeWitt Clinton, poet/writer, UW-Whitewater, At the End of the War