Tuesday on Lake Effect: Trump Vs. Harley-Davidson, 'The Upside of Digital Devices,' 'Look Here!'

Aug 27, 2018

Tuesday on Lake Effect:

A national business writer tries to make sense of President Trump's very public battle with Harley-Davidson. Then we learn how digital device access can help teach kids critical thinking skills. Plus how portions of the UWM library's digital collections were used to create an art installation at the Villa Terrace Museum that was favorable for both artists and librarians.


  • Bill Saporito, Inc. editor-at-large
  • Nicole Dreiske, author, The Upside of Digital Devices: How to Make Your Child More Screen Smart, Literate, and Emotionally Intelligent
  • Max Yella, Marcy Bidney & Ann Hanlon, UWM Library; Marc Tasman & Nirmal Raja, artists; Shana McCaw, Villa Terrace Museum senior curator