UWM's Lubar Entrepreneurship Center: Helping Students Think Like Entrepreneurs

Apr 26, 2018

If you drive by UW-Milwaukee’s east side campus these days, you will see a swarm of construction workers building the foundation for the Lubar Entrepreneurship Center on the corner of Kenwood and Maryland Avenues.

The building – made possible by a generous gift from Shel and Mary Ann Lubar – will be the first of its kind in Wisconsin.

But even before the building opens, UWM already has in place a series of programs that are helping students learn how to think like entrepreneurs, and they don’t have to be business majors either.

On this edition of UWM Today, we’re going to introduce you to two student entrepreneurs and tell you how you can meet many more just like them. Joining us on the program are James Van Eerden, a geosciences major, and Cheyenne McGlaston, a senior majoring in Kinesiology. And with them is Nicole Green, the program coordinator for the Lubar Entrepreneurship Center.