Volvo Pushes Efforts for Electric, Hybrid & the Safest Cars by 2020

Mar 20, 2018

The Swedish automaker Volvo made headlines last year - twice. The car company, already known for its safety, stepped up its game by asserting that "no one riding in their cars made after 2020 will die in a crash."

"Our idea is to avoid the collision in the first place, so that all those other things, like body rigidity, airbags, seat belts, become a safety net," says Volvo USA spokesman Russell Datz.

The company also announced that starting in 2020 all their cars will either be powered by all-electric or hybrid engines. These efforts and more were on display at the recent Chicago Auto Show, where contributor Dan Harmon caught up with Datz, who talked first about Volvo’s safety goals, called Vision 2020: