Wednesday on Lake Effect: Lincoln Hills Closure, 'Animal Farm,' the Business of Decluttering

Jan 9, 2018

Wednesday on Lake Effect:

We learn more about what prompted Governor Walker’s decision to close the Lincoln Hills juvenile prison. Plus, how important will the interim chief of police appointment be? British writer Ian Woolridge talks about the challenges of adapting the classic novella Animal Farm for the stage, and we’ll meet a Milwaukee man who has turned decluttering into a million dollar business.


  • Patrick Marley, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • Annie Schwartz, former Milwaukee Police Department spokeswoman
  • Ian Woolridge, writer
  • Eileen & Andrew Weins, Jerome Holmes, Robert Morris: JDog Junk Removal & Hauling; Susan Bence, WUWM environmental reporter
  • Adam Carr, community activist; Aisha Turner, reporter