What's Ahead for the Wisconsin Chapter of Women's March

Feb 23, 2018

Meet Sarah Pearson. She helped create the Wisconsin chapter of the Women's March. Before she was leading rallies, Pearson was a restaurant manager.

She says she quit her job to be able to dedicate her time toward something that would make a difference on a larger scale. “Being a part of Women’s March gives me an opportunity to focus on politics and focus on how we as women can use our power to advance social change.”

It was after the 2016 elections that Pearson decided to join in, in advocating for social change.

This year, she says, Women’s March is focused on the upcoming midterm elections. Pearson says the Wisconsin chapter plans to work with the national organization and their allies to register as many voters to "reclaim their power at the polls."

She says the movement will also to continue to advocate for other issues as well, including immigration rights, transwomen rights and access to clean water. “Part of what intersectional feminism is, it’s not just a feminism that centered on reproductive rights or access to them, if we don’t stand with immigrant women, then we don’t stand with women," Pearson says.