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On the first Thursday of every month, WUWM's Dave Edwards talks to UWM's Chancellor Mark Mone on the Chancellor's Report.

UW-Milwaukee Chancellor Mark Mone provides an update on state budget cuts and how they will impact the University. 


America’s fascination with singing can be seen regularly on TV screens across the country as viewers tune in to American Idol or The Voice

A musical competition will soon be taking place that showcases opera.

Jon Strelecki

Can simply listening to one’s favorite songs improve memory, mood and quality of life for the 5 million people with dementia in the United States alone? 

Jon Strelecki

People who use wheelchairs often find themselves dealing with serious shoulder injuries and pain.

UW-Milwaukee Chancellor Mark Mone discusses the potential impact of the Governor's announced intentions to seek a budget cut of $300 million from the UW System. 

Jon Strelecki

With more than 5 million books and other cataloged items, the UWM Libraries are an amazing reservoir of knowledge.

Jon Strelecki

How much alcohol do you drink each day? It is a direct question that should allow for a straightforward answer. 

UW-Milwaukee's new chancellor, Mark Monee, discusses his agenda for the University, the challenges he faces and his perspective entering the new job.

Jon Strelecki

One of the most amazing functions of our brain may be the ability to form a memory and then recall it later.

Jon Strelecki

As college students head back to campuses across America, many of us who made that same journey in the past can recall the wonder and excitement of heading into the classroom to begin a new chapter in our education.