Streaming Help

ATTENTION Mac OSX Mountain Lion Users:

Apple no longer includes Adobe Flash Player as standard software on new Mac's or with clean installations of OSX Mountain Lion. You may experience problems streaming unless you manually install flash player.

Visit install the necessary browser plugins.

If you are unsure if you have Adobe Flash Player installed, visit Adobe to find out your current version.

ATTENTION Firefox Browser Users and Safari on Windows Users:

The latest release of Firefox has a known compatibility issue with streaming audio and video. Users may experience frequent audio outages with our online stream player.

Safari on Microsoft Windows no longer supports online streaming of audio via Flash or HTML5.

If you are experiencing problems, WUWM recommends using a different browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

My bookmarked audio links no longer work.

Recently, WUWM switched streaming providers to offer our listeners a higher quality streaming experience. If you had bookmarked or saved our links in iTunes or another media player, please update your settings by deleting the old links and  saving the following:

or (depending on your media player)

How do I listen online at the workplace?

You can stream WUWM through our pop-out stream player. The Listen Live link at the top of the screen will open the player. Press play to begin the stream.

Many workplaces have firewalls to block audio streams. Firewalls are designed to protect networks against hackers, viruses, and other malicious attempts to steal data.

Most modern firewalls have the ability to learn about the content that is going through them. Depending on how strict your network administrator has set the firewall rules, it is possible that the stream from WUWM may be blocked. Some firewalls with strict security settings do what is called "Stateful Packet Inspection". This technology may falsely identify some Internet streams as a security threat and block them. This may lead to a condition where you can stream other stations, but may not be able to stream WUWM or vice-versa.

How do I listen online at home?

you can stream WUWM through our pop-out streaming player. The Listen Live link at the top of the screen will open the player. Press play to begin the stream.

Some antivirus and home firewall protect may block Internet streams because the security settings are too strict. Test this by temporarily turning off your firewall software. If the stream begins to work, you will need to change your security settings on your firewall. Re-enable your firewall and adjust the settings to allow connections to WUWM. If you are unsure how to do this, contact customer support for your anti-virus / firewall provider.

If you have streaming problems with our pop-out player, you can download a link to our stream and play it in your computer's media player such as iTunes, VLC, or Windows Media Player instead. Click on the provided link below the pop-out player. Depending on your browser, a pop-up window may ask you to either open the file with your default media player or save it.

If you have disabled javascript or cookies, the player may not work correctly, if at all. You will need to re-enable javeascript and cookies. Most web browsers are configured to enable these options.

How do I listen on my Wi-Fi Music Player / Internet Radio?

Please update your station settings by adding the new links to our online stream.

or (depending on your Wif-Fi Music Player / Internet radio)

Please refer to your product manual for specific information on how to update your online stations.

How do I listen via third party apps such as TuneIn or the NPR Public Radio Player?

WUWM is currently working with third party app providers to update their streaming settings. Please allow some time for them to make these changes. If your third party app is still not working, CONTACT US and let us know which app you are using.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, CONTACT US. Please include as much detail as possible. Describe the problem: Are you at work or home? Are you using a PC or Mac? What browser are you using? What is happening? etc.