Tax Questions: Identity Fraud & ACA's Impact on Small Businesses

Feb 18, 2015
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We're just under two months away from the April 15th deadline for filing your income tax returns for the past fiscal year. 

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How important are small businesses to the state's economy?

Wisconsin companies and the U.S. economy excelled in 2014, according to Brian Jacobsen.

Report: How Healthy is Milwaukee's Non-Profit Sector?

Jul 24, 2014
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Last week, Milwaukee’s non-partisan Public Policy Forum released its newest report. Under the microscope this time was the health of the area’s non-profit sector. The report looked at levels of growth, both in terms of numbers of not for profit organizations, as well as trends in contributions and revenue.

Brookfield Company Rides Into a Second Century

Jun 19, 2014
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You've probably never noticed the low-slung, unassuming building on Calhoun Road in Brookfield.

Wisconsin created private sector jobs at a rate of 1.2 percent, about half the national rate, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Congresswoman Gwen Moore Blasts Republicans, But Compliments Rep. Paul Ryan

Jan 23, 2014
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Though Congress has managed to break Washington gridlock to pass an Omnibus spending bill, Democratic Congresswoman Gwen Moore of Milwaukee says most Republicans "would like to carry us back to a point in time when government does practically nothing."

Ambassador: U.S. Could Take Economic Lessons from Iceland

Nov 12, 2013
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Like its American ally, Iceland has been recovering from a devastating economic situation in the last several years.

Analysis: County Employees Could Pay More for Health Care Under Proposed Budget

Oct 18, 2013
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Mayor Tom Barrett and County Executive Chris Abele have both issued their proposed budgets for the coming fiscal year, and debate on those documents is underway.

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Faced with a midnight deadline for extending America’s authority to borrow money, Congressional leaders reached a long-awaited deal to raise the debt ceiling and reopen the federal government.

Location is a Big Factor of the Wealth Gap

Aug 9, 2013
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Milwaukee is known nationwide as being one of the most segregated cities in the country; segregated both racially and economically.


A new study shows Milwaukee nonprofits are beginning to thrive once again.

It was described as a perfect storm – the interaction between the Great Recession and nonprofit organizations. Giving was down to nonprofits at exactly the time when many of their services were needed the most.

MMAC Survey Details Mediocre May

Jul 11, 2013

The local economy sputtered this May, according to year over year figures.

Wisconsin Tied for #31 in Jobs Added in 2012

Jun 27, 2013

Wisconsin ranked 31st in terms of job growth in 2012, tied with Delaware, Maryland and South Dakota, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In the agency's tallies for last year, jobs in Wisconsin grew by 1.2%. The national average was 1.9%.

In raw numbers, the state added 62,000 private sector jobs in 2011 and 2012, the first two years of Gov. Walker's term. He had pledged to create 250,000 private sector positions during his term, leaving him a quarter way toward that goal.

Survey: Many Wisconsinites Think State Economy Headed in Wrong Direction

Jun 13, 2013

A new poll shows decreasing confidence in the state of Wisconsin's economy.