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Art Montes

If you always wanted to travel to Paris but haven’t made it around to booking that trip yet, the next best thing is happening this weekend right here in Milwaukee: Bastille Days! Every second weekend in July, Milwaukee’s Cathedral Square turns into a French festival featuring live music, food, wine and an international marketplace for vendors. Don’t miss your chance to snap a selfie in front of the mini version of the Eiffel Tower on display at the north end of the square – it may be the closest you ever get to the real thing!

Art Montes

Summer is in full swing in Milwaukee, and for many local residents that means spending as much time as humanly possible outside to enjoy the warm weather, long days of sunshine and numerous festivals. One way to partake? Check out the 21 pieces of art featured in the second annual Sculpture Milwaukee urban outdoor exhibit along Wisconsin Avenue in downtown Milwaukee. Learn more about it in an Ex Fabula guided storytelling tour below.

As it turns out, art is not only a form of creative expression and a tool for introspection – it’s also a great way to connect with others.

Art Montes

Festival season is officially upon us! With the kick off of the Big Gig, visitors and neighbors alike will flock to Milwaukee’s lakefront for the crown jewel that makes Milwaukee “the city of festivals.” Along with Summerfest comes other ethnic celebrations, church festivals, and neighborhood block parties; all celebrating the things that give us hope during the long winter months…the music, food and merriment of Milwaukee summer.

Ex Fabula

Ex Fabula celebrated many new and exciting partnerships last season, and we started off Season 9 with a bevy of special events and community collaborations. As we spend this summer planning for our 10th Season, we’ll be looking back and celebrating some of our amazing community partners, milestones, favorite stories and generous sponsors (not to mention the awe-inspiring stories that make us laugh, cry and think). Stay tuned.

Art Montes

Here we are, trip around the sun and back to celebrate Dad. He’s taught you how to ride a bike, cast a fishing pole, do long division, and appreciate Motown. He encouraged your dreams, told you when you were out of line and showed you how to apologize with integrity. He tells corny jokes, brags about your accomplishments and advises you on this adulating thing. He’s your Dad.

Ex Fabula: Immigration

Jun 2, 2018
Ex Fabula

Immigration is a topic that has been central to the American experience – this country is often referred to as “a nation of immigrants”, despite the fact that the moniker was controversially removed from the mission statement of the United States Citizen and Immigration Services in January. Anti-immigrant sentiment has been common throughout our history, however. And recently, we have seen a resurgence of political and social controversy surrounding it.

Nicole Acosta

On May 31st The March on Milwaukee 50th Coordinating Committee is partnering with Still Waters Collective and the Zeidler Center on a series of public dialogues, featuring stories from Ex Fabula Fellows, to explore how the city remembers its history, with MKE Monumental.

Ex Fabula: Extra Lessons

May 19, 2018
Carolina Mulvey-Videla

Throughout Milwaukee, college students are putting on their caps and gowns this weekend as graduation ceremonies descend upon the city. It’s a time of revelry and reflection. What have you learned? What surprised you? How have you changed? Sometimes the most valuable lessons had nothing to do with the classroom.

With that in mind, this week we’re sharing stories of the extra lessons our storytellers learned while working towards their degrees.

All Stars Preview: Part 4

May 12, 2018
Art Montes

The Ex Fabula All Stars preview continues, with a look back at the audience favorites from earlier this year. The big season finale event will be on May 18, and feature some of our favorite story-tellers from the past year. 

Art Montes

Our Ex Fabula Season 9 ALL STARS previews continue with a look back at the audience favorites from two March events; exploring the wondrous mysteries of karma and the cringe-worthy power of too much information (TMI).

Art Montes

Last week, we heard about unfortunate run-ins with rock stars and Buick Rivieras. This week, we continue our celebration of Season 9 audience favorites in anticipation of the upcoming season finale: ALL STARS “Connection” StorySlam, learning that innocent discussions and distractions can have unintended consequences.

Art Montes

To celebrate the end of Ex Fabula’s groundbreaking Season 9 and preview the upcoming ALL STARS event on May 18th, we’ll spend the next few shows revisiting some of our most-loved stories from recent months.

Ex Fabula: Family Matters

Apr 14, 2018
Art Montes

Ex Fabula held the last StorySlam of the season - Last Straw - last Tuesday. Thanks to everyone who came out.

This past Thursday Ex Fabula had the pleasure of joining forces with UW-Waukesha for a Storytelling Workshop inspired by the themes in The Round House by Louise Erdich. With family being the heart of Erdich’s novel, family became the theme of the workshop as well, and this week we’ll be sharing some family stories from our own archives.

Ex Fabula: Last Straw

Apr 7, 2018
Michele Kiewig

It seems like just yesterday that we were making party plans and New Year goals for 2018. Now here were are approaching our final regular StorySlam of Season 9. Will you help us make April our third sold out StorySlam of 2018? Join us this Tuesday, April 10, at Times Cinema for our last regular StorySlam,
"Last Straw."

Art Montes

We’ve all been a part of difficult conversations. There’s no shortage of them these days. They might have been with teachers, neighbors, partners, family members, work colleagues or even complete strangers. Despite the discomfort, they can be constructive opportunities to listen, learn and transform perceptions and behaviors.