Kenosha casino


UPDATE: The AP reports Governor Walker sent the Menominee Tribe a letter on Monday turning down the Kenosha casino / Bucks arena deal, stating that it was not part of the long negotiations over the proposed casino.


Supporters of a Kenosha casino have upped the ante.


People who want a casino in Kenosha are continuing their fight.

Marti Mikkelson

Gov. Scott Walker sent shock waves through Kenosha late last week when he rejected a proposed $800 million tribal casino at Dairyland Greyhound Park.

Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin

Gov. Scott Walker has turned down the Menominee Nation's bid to develop a casino at the site of the former Kenosha greyhound track.

A decision by Governor Scott Walker is still pending as to the future of a proposed Menominee casino in the Kenosha area.

About 500 people are expected to attend a rally Wednesday night in Kenosha to support the construction of a tribal casino.

Now that the November election is history, a different kind of campaign has begun – perhaps you’ve noticed the ads.

Gov. Scott Walker has until February to decide whether the Menominee tribe can build a huge casino gaming complex at the former Dairyland Greyhound Park. Efforts to sway public opinion are infiltrating the airwaves.

Walker laid out several criteria the Menominee must meet, in order for him to approve their casino plan. Those include that it would not increase the level of gaming in Wisconsin, and that all 11 tribes here agree to the development.


Gov. Scott Walker said he won’t cave in to pressure, as southeastern Wisconsin leaders called on him to immediately approve a huge tribal casino.

Gov. Scott Walker has until February to decide whether Kenosha gets a huge tribal casino. But might he announce a decision sooner?