Lake Effect

2:36 pm
Fri July 25, 2014

St. Charles' RePurpose says 'YES!' to Milwaukee Youth

St. Charles' RePurpose gives Milwaukee youth a chance to prove themselves.
Credit repurposemke


Helping youth get that critical experience is at the heart of the mission of the Youth Employment Services, or YES, program. It’s run by the Milwaukee nonprofit St. Charles Youth and Family Services, Inc., a social service agency that serves at-risk youth and their families.

Last year, St. Charles’ opened RePurpose, a non-profit resale shop in Sherman Park, to serve as a training ground for these young people to learn on-the-job work skills.

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Economy & Business
12:36 pm
Fri July 25, 2014

How Low-Income Parents' Decisions Influence their Children's Future

Children of different backgrounds and situations have different futures ahead. A major factor in their futures are found in their parents' decisions.
Credit Gustavo Verissimo, flickr


We all know that children who grow up in disadvantaged homes face unique challenges to their well-being and their chances for success later in life. But growing up in low-income circumstances isn’t a blanket predictor of a child’s future; some may do well, some may struggle.

But are there factors that could predict a child’s future situation? Do children of a particular demographic fare better than those of another in the long run? How much depends on a child’s ability to grow and make his own future, and how much is out of his control?

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Arts & Culture
10:37 am
Fri July 25, 2014

Listening to Mitchell: Same Language

The back of a framed artwork given to Father Ed, who in turn lent it to Sonja & Adam. “Megwitch” is Ojibwe for “Thank You."
Credit Listening to Mitchell

Listening to Mitchell features Father Edward J. Cook of the Congregation of The Great Spirit.

Listening to Mitchell is a public art installation by Sonja Thomsen and Adam Carr. The installation is on Historic Mitchell Street between 5th and 12th Streets.

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10:11 am
Fri July 25, 2014

Northern Wisconsin Native Writes of Biking, Relationships, and Bumps in the Road

Author Brian Benson in Milwaukee before his Boswell Book Company appearance.

His first book under his belt, Brian Benson  is completing the last stretch of a Minnesota, Wisconsin,  Illinois  book tour – by bike.

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Health & Science
4:08 pm
Thu July 24, 2014

Another Galaxy is Visible This Time of Year

Dr. Jean Creighton describes what we can see in the night sky this time of year.
Credit Ryan Wick, flickr

Astronomy contributor Jean Creighton joined us to talk about what stars and constellations are visible to us in the night sky this month. 

"It’s going too fast and the isotope ratios are different; this one came from elsewhere," says Creighton. "That means that you can look up at a really bright star. Arcturus is really bright, and pretty, and you’re looking at a piece of another galaxy."

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Politics & Government
3:47 pm
Thu July 24, 2014

Aftermath of Gun Violence: What Happens to Family? Friends? Community?

Chicago, like Milwaukee, is one of the many cities in America who is trying hard to curb gun violence. Meanwhile, family and friends are still affected by the turmoil and pain of gun violence.

The news seemingly each day this summer has been filled with reports of gun violence and its aftermath.  Fatal and non-fatal shootings get plenty of headlines, but what isn’t covered as regularly is the aftermath of that violence; how it affects the victims, their families, and the community at large.

There are also people and organizations working to make change.

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Politics & Government
3:27 pm
Thu July 24, 2014

Putin in a Tight Spot, Cyr Analyzes Current Events

On July 18, 2014, President Putin's meeting on economic issues began with a moment of silence in honour of victims of plane crash over Ukrainian territory
Credit Presidential Press and Information Office

Late yesterday afternoon, Dutch investigators were finally allowed access to the Malaysian jetliner that was shot down over rebel-held territory in Ukraine.  The bodies that have been recovered are being transported back to the Netherlands, where the flight took off last week.  

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Politics & Government
2:59 pm
Thu July 24, 2014

The Influence and Credibility of Presidential Mandates are Analyzed in New Book

Dr. Julia Azari analyzes the presidential mandate in her new book.
Credit eBay

There’s no doubt we live in a highly politicized, highly polarized time.  As we enter the mid-term elections, there are a number of Republican candidates who are running with the promise of trying to impeach President Obama in the last two years of his term.

A variety of challenges, both foreign and domestic, have President Obama’s popularity at a low point, even among people who have historically supported him.  It’s a far cry from the mandate that the President and his political allies cited after his re-election two years ago.

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Arts & Culture
2:08 pm
Thu July 24, 2014

Canadian Band, The Trews, Stops at WUWM on Their Way to Summerfest

Canadian rock group, The Trews, performed in WUWM's Studio C1 before Summerfest.
Credit Bonnie North, WUWM

Lake Effect's Bonnie North speaks with Canadian rock band, The Trews.

The last time the award winning Canadian rock band The Trews were in Milwaukee it was January and there was a blizzard. 

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Arts & Culture
1:49 pm
Thu July 24, 2014

Say Cheese!: Wisconsin is a Subject for Photography Project, 'Postcards from America'

Dana Packaging Sausages, Johnsonville, Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin 2013
Susan Meiselas/Magnum Photos

For the past year and a half, a group of photographers from the photographic cooperative Magnum Photos has fanned out across America.  The project, Postcards from America, aims to capture the essence of specific places across the country from multiple points of view.

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