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The musical Fiddler on the Roof is one of the most recognizable stories about the Jewish experience. The story of Tevye, a milkman, and his family and friends, opened on Broadway in 1964 and has seldom been out of production since.

"It went beyond Broadway. It has endured like the great musicals of earlier in the 20th century like Oklahoma and so on,"  notes film contributor Dave Luhrssen. "It's up there with them as something that's left a very lasting and ongoing impression on people."

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Computer power and artificial intelligence technology are officially ramping up in Milwaukee — that's with Friday’s opening of the Dwight and Dian Diercks Computational Science Hall at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. A specially-designed supercomputer in the building will be able to help local businesses and community groups with data projects.

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Milwaukee officials announced Thursday that train manufacturer TALGO will be expanding at Century City. It was the second announcement in as many weeks for the north side business park.

Strauss Brands, a meat-packing company from Franklin, said earlier this month it would break ground on a plant which could bring 250 jobs to the area.

Benjamin Timm of Milwaukee's Department of City Development says Century City is a large piece of land in the middle of the city that offers a lot of possibility.

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Since it was first envisioned, there has been controversy over The Hop streetcar in Milwaukee. One of the central concerns has been about its funding: Namely, who’s paying for this and could the money be spent on a more worthy cause?

The Wisconsin Policy Forum is not picking sides in this debate. Rather, their recent report on The Hop’s funding structure is meant to clarify where its funding comes from and how that compares to similar projects in other cities.

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The Minnesota string band Trampled By Turtles has elevated string music and exposed audiences everywhere to the new sounds that traditional bluegrass instruments can create. Their songs are often high intensity and influenced by rock, but still deliver folk charm.

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An exhibition on view at the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts is exploring the expressive nature of water. The various materials used by some of the artists include stone, zippers, and straws. The overall effect is a deep meditation on water and its importance. The exhibition was the brainchild of sculptor Susan Falkman, helped along by the Quilt Museum’s exhibitions curator, Emily Schlemowitz. 

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Racine is moving ahead with trying to live up to the Smart City designation it was awarded earlier this year. A conference this week is showing that several changes in education, transportation and technology may be in store for what used to just be called "the Belle City of the Great Lakes." 

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The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction released standardized test results for public school students Thursday, and there’s not much to celebrate.

Students’ mastery of both English language arts and math declined compared to the previous year, with just about 40% of students proficient in each. Students were making progress in math previously, but that trend did not continue this year. English results have declined for a couple years.

Writing your first book can be a daunting task, but when your subject is your Portugese Water Dog puppy that task becomes a little easier.

Amanda Lowney is a Milwaukee-based writer and the author of Zora: The Water Dog, a children’s book that looks at her dog’s journey from her litter mates to Lowney’s lap.

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Ever since quantum mechanics came on the physics scene in 1927, scientists have struggled to reconcile it with Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. They haven’t completely succeeded and Dr. Sean Carroll says that’s because they’ve failed to take into account the mysteries of quantum mechanics. Dr. Carroll is a theoretical physicist at the California Institute of Technology and his newest book is Something Deeply Hidden: Quantum Worlds and the Emergence of Spacetime.


The Minority Health Film Festival is the first festival of its kind in the country. The festival features films, community forums, and a fair, all related to health issues impacting racial and ethnic minority communities.

Diabetes is one of the main health issues the festival is highlighting, in part because many minority communities face higher rates of the disease and are more likely to have complications from diabetes.

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This year marks the 45th anniversary of the birth of hip hop. In honor of the milestone, the Marcus Center is hosting Hip Hop DNA Volume I. The performance is exploring almost five decades of music and dance, and pays special attention to Milwaukee's own hip hop scene.

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This spring, Milwaukee Public School leaders agreed to reinstate employee salary schedules, which provide workers with predictable raises based on experience and education level.

It’s a compensation system that MPS eliminated after Act 10 deprived unions of most bargaining powers. Now, the district is reversing course with the goal of stabilizing its workforce.

Wisconsin Man Accused Of Making Illegal Vaping Cartridges

Sep 10, 2019
Kenosha County Sheriff's Department

A Wisconsin man is accused of manufacturing thousands of counterfeit vaping cartridges a day with THC oil for almost two years, running the operation with 10 employees, authorities said.

Kenosha County prosecutors said the 20-year-old had employees make cartridges that were packaged to look professionally done. Authorities said the employees filled about 3,000 to 5,000 cartridges per day and were sold for $16 each.

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As summer turns to fall, many fair-weather gardeners begin to pack up their tools and head inside. But there is still much to be done.