Olivia Richardson

Eric Von Fellow

Olivia Richardson became WUWM's Eric Von Fellow in October 2019.

Before that she was an audio production intern for WBEZ’s Curious City, reporting on what it was like to dance at the Warehouse club to a Chicago-born style of music called House during the '80s. She worked as a producer/host for Radio Islam prior, where she got her start in radio journalism.

Olivia has a bachelor's degree in Technical Theater from Guilford College, focusing on sound design and audio engineering. She got a taste for radio as a DJ for her college’s radio station WQFS.

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The Milwaukee Jewish Federation released a report Monday that found anti-Semitic incidents in Wisconsin increased by 55% from 2018 to 2019.

The organization says it believes the numbers have gone up because more people feel comfortable expressing harmful — even dangerous — commentary.

Paul Wellington and Rick Banks, creators of the MKE Black app, stand before art of Africa on display at the Sherman Phoenix.
Olivia Richardson

A new app in Milwaukee — called MKE Black — is promoting black-owned and operated businesses.

Co-creators Paul Wellington and Rick Banks say they wanted to make it easier to find black businesses as well as make people think a little bit harder about where they spend their money.

Gerald Williamson

All Zeddie Hyler wanted to do in 1955 was build a home in Wauwatosa, Wis. But that wasn’t easy for a black man to do at the time. 

Hyler had to overcome many obstacles — like angry neighbors concerned about property values, and vandals. He even had to get a white friend to buy the property for him before he could even begin to build. Once the building began that’s when the vandals and arsonists hit.     

But his persistence paid off: Hyler became the first black man to build a home in Wauwatosa. When he died in 2004 he left the home to his nephew, Gerald Williamson.

Fidel Verdin sits in front of the Villard Public Library's "North Milwaukee," sign.
Olivia Richardson

As part of Black History Month, kids in Milwaukee are learning about the history of hip-hop and how they can still be involved in the culture if they want. 

A group of high school kids met inside Villard Square public library on Milwaukee’s north side earlier this week.

Fidel Verdin handed out papers and pencils so they could take notes. The kids have their heads down, they're a little quiet, but they're engaged as Verdin gives a presentation on the history of hip-hop — a form of music and dance that he says started in the U.S. in 1973.

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The Wisconsin prison system is facing a lot of challenges for both adults and young people. Wisconsin is second in the country for racial disparity among African Americans and whites who are in prison. The ratio is 11.5 African Americans to one white prisoner in the state, according to census data gathered by the Sentencing Project.

Olivia Richardson

For the first time Monday, Iowans outside of the state were able to participate in the Iowa caucus. This year the Iowa Democratic Party opened up the caucus process for college students, people traveling, and others temporarily out of state. They were able to gather at satellite locations, including in Milwaukee.

Eight Iowans registered and seven showed up at Marquette University where the satellite caucus was held. They assembled to select delegates for their choice of Democratic presidential hopefuls.

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Wisconsin has referred six active investigations of coronavirus to the federal Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC). That’s according to the state Department of Health Services (DHS). It says one test has come back negative, the other results are pending.

As of Monday, the novel coronavirus has sickened roughly 1,000 people and has contributed to at least 80 deaths in China.

Olivia Richardson

Larissa Sevick was driving when she noticed that a lot of houses in certain Milwaukee neighborhoods have a flight of stairs leading up to the front entrance. Instead of being at street level, the houses are on hills. Why? That's what we explore in our latest Bubbler Talk.

The subject also intrigues Jonathan Bohrer — he even created a history podcast episode on the homes that caught Larissa's attention. Jonathan is a UWM master's degree candidate in public history and gives tours of the historic Brady Street neighborhood.

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As Democratic presidential hopefuls debated in Iowa Tuesday night, Republican incumbent Donald Trump held a big rally in Milwaukee.

About 13,000 supporters attended the event at the downtown UWM Panther Arena. Meanwhile, hundreds of Trump's critics gathered outside to protest the president and his policies.

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Olivia Richardson

Wisconsin has a reputation for being in the top five states for sex trafficking, so combating the issue has long been a concern. On Thursday, Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul and advocates for victims of sex trafficking released a report on sex trafficking in the state last year.

Outlining the report, Kaul says sex trafficking cases have noticeably increased since the last assessment taken in 2013.

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On Thursday, the Marquette Law School released a new statewide poll that found the impeachment hearings have not changed public opinion on whether President Donald Trump should be impeached.

According to the poll, 40% of registered voters in Wisconsin believe Trump should be impeached and removed from office, while 52% disagree. The poll's margin of error on the impeachment question is +/- 4.2 percentage points.

Now that Strauss Brands has dropped its plan to build a slaughterhouse, some Milwaukeeans are wondering what's next for Century City. That's the former Tower Automotive property on Milwaukee's north side that the city has been redeveloping.

At a luncheon held by the Wisconsin Policy Forum on Wednesday at the Potawatomi Casino and Hotel in Menomonee Valley, Mayor Tom Barrett said that Strauss isn't entirely out of the question.

A sign that reads, "Keep Calm and Try Free Lavender Soap!"
Olivia Richardson

Wisconsin has seen reports for sex trafficking across the state. Milwaukee's neighborhood Walnut Hill is a high source of sex trafficking and prostitution, according to Franciscan Peacemakers. The religious organization opened a shop that aims at helping women and victims of sexual abuse find housing and employment.

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Support for impeachment is declining in Wisconsin, according to the latest Marquette Law School Poll released Wednesday. The survey also shows Republican President Donald Trump leading the Democratic front-runners in the 2020 race. 

The poll of 801 registered voters was taken Nov. 13-17. It shows 40% of respondents support impeaching and removing President Trump from office, a drop from 44% in October.

Olivia Richardson

With 240 days until the Democratic National Convention is in Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) is preparing for the event. MPD shared its plans for security during the convention with the Common Council’s Public Safety and Health Committee on Thursday.